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ASTROBOY (鉄腕アトム)

Astro Boy is the English version of Tetsuwan Atomu (鉄腕アトム), which roughly translates to "Mighty Atom". Astro Boy was first broadcasted on Japanes Television from 1964 to 1966.

"Astro Boy" originated with Tezuka Osamu's previous work, "Captain Atom," which was serialized in the Manga magazine, "Shonen" from April 1951 to March 1952. The boy-like robot Atom is just one of the characters in "Captain Atom," but in "Astro Boy" he is the main character. "Astro Boy" became extremely popular, and in fact is Tezuka Osamu's most famous work.

In 1963, the animated program "Astro Boy" made its debut on TV as the first commercial animated TV program in Japan, produced by Tezuka's Mushi Production. The 30-minute program was aired weekly, receiving high public and critical acclaim, and led to Japan's first TV animation craze



"Astro Boy" is a science fiction Manga featuring a humanoid robot named Atom, who is depicted as a boy with miraculous strength of 100,000 horsepower. The setting is a future society in the 21st century.
Dr. Tenma, Director General of Japan's Science Ministry, and his team create a robot on April 7, 2003, making full use of state-of-the-art technology. Dr. Tenma has lost his only son Tobio in a car accident, so he decides to make a robot that looks exactly like Tobio.
Dr. Tenma at first loves the robot as if it was his real child, but he becomes increasingly angry when the robot doesn't grow at all. Then one day, Dr. Tenma sells the poor robot to a circus troupe whose major attraction is a robot show.

The robot is named Atom and is forced to perform at the circus. But fortunately, Dr. Ochanomizu, who succeeds Dr. Tenma to head the Science Ministry, frees Atom. Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Ochanomizu, robots are given human rights and liberated at last.
Atom starts a new life in the suburbs with his parents, both of whom are also robots made by Dr. Ochanomizu. He attends a nearby elementary school and gets involved in many incidents, courageously fighting against evils to save the world. He beats his enemies with his 100,000 horsepower strength.



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